Treating Alcoholism and Alcoholics

COMING SOON:  A mutual help app to help support alcoholics by matching those who want to get and stay sober with those who are living in recovery

Sponsor Finder is a digital recovery tool that connects people who want a life in recovery from alcohol with those currently living in recovery and offers tools and resources as they progress through our proprietary algorithm and trust-based platform.

The app will also offer tools and resources to help with 12-step and Smart Recovery work, suggestions for initial and subsequent meetings with sponsor, changing sponsors, webinars, local support group meeting lists, in-app chat tools, and other self & mutual care tools.



“This is very exciting.  There is nothing like this anywhere” Dr. Brandon Bergman, Recovery Research Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School

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We’d like to be involved!

“This sounds AMAZING!  Of course I’ll be part of your user testing focus groups” – Peter H. AA Member in Toronto


This sounds amazing!